Sepi's Westwood

SEPI’S is the place to watch all sports games!

We have the Pac-12 network, NFL package, major soccer channels and major sports networks.

UCLA Football & Basketball

Every game day, dedicated fans gather at SEPI’S to cheer for the Bruins. SEPI’S feels like a mini Bruin stadium, filled with Bruin pride.

Frankly, we think the UCLA college experience isn’t complete without coming to a game day at SEPI’S.


Dollar PBR for every Bruin touchdown or 3-point play
(old fashioned 3)! Go BRUINS!

SEPI’S is 21+ during UCLA Football & Basketball games and
during some major sports games. Please call to check


Game Day at SEPI’S

We strive to accommodate as many people as we can.

After all, it’s the most fun for everyone when crowds of people are cheering for the same team.

21 and over only
SEPI’S is 21+ during game days

Come early for tables

Please, no table/seat hogging
You may hold a table/seats for your party for up to 15 minutes

Do not beer tap
Do not tap your friend’s beer bottle to make it foam. You will be asked to leave